Flavia Lucini was born and raised in a small village in Paraná, Brazil of 300 habitants. The village, populated by Italian descendants, still keeps its traditions such as organic and artisanal production which encourages the habitants to trade their produces with each other. The village’s population live in harmony with the only concern of always having food on their tables and having well raised children.

When Flavia was 13 years old, a talent scout discovered her playing on her father’s tractor and out of this enchanted world she entered the fashion industry. She then moved straight to London without knowing how to speak a word of English and as expected, the beginning of her career wasn’t easy at all, but her resilience, talent and charm made her conquer the fashion industry and work with the most famous designers all over the world between Paris, Tokyo, Milan and New York (where she now lives).

Her curiosity brings her to experiment different kinds of artistic forms. She loves experimenting with it all. Flavia’s newest passions has to do with photography, painting and pottery. I invite you to take a closer look to her world.